Goudsmit Magnetics PM-TE-N-SG-D10x4.5xM4x8

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Neodymium (NdFeB) 25 N
SKU: GM17622
Stock: 156
Size: 10 mm
Thread (M): M4
Compact magnet systems with a steel shell and with a threaded end for easy mounting. Thanks to the shell of these magnet systems, the magnetic field strength increases and the pot magnets are more resistant to corrosion or chemicals. Pot magnets have a single attracting surface. This precludes dispersion of the magnetic field. Pot magnets with threaded end are available in various sizes in neodymium and ferrite.

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Construction of NdFeb pot magnets

What does a neodymium pot magnet consist of?

These super-strong pot magnets are made of the alloy neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), which Goudsmit markets under the brand name Neoflux®. The shell - or pot - provides magnetic shielding. Goudsmit supplies neodymium pot magnets with a brass or steel shell. The holding surface has a protective coating to prevent corrosion.

Operating temperature

When does loss of magnetic strength occur?

Neodymium pot magnets have an operating temperature of up to 80 °C. When heated to this temperature, the magnet loses 15 to 20% of its magnetic strength. This is not permanent; the force is restored when the magnet returns to the normal ambient temperature.
External magnetic fields may also cause loss of magnetic force. An air gap or non-magnetic materials located between the magnet and workpiece reduce the tensile force.

Important to know

Loss of holding force

To prevent loss of holding force due to magnetic short-circuit, neodymium magnets with a brass shell may not be pressed directly into iron. Always maintain a certain distance between the brass shell of the pot magnet and the iron. Contact Goudsmit for specific recommendations.

Height (H): 4.5 mm
Thread (M): M4
Holding force: 25 N
Magnet quality: Neodymium (NdFeB)
Material housing: Galvanized steel
Max. operating / product temperature: 80 °C
Size: 10 mm
Shape: Round

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