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COMAR Condensatori SpA

COMAR believes in a future where companies and individuals use their energy at their best, avoiding useless waste. A greener, cleaner and more sustainable world that we will leave to our children.

Our part, in this ambitious but necessary challenge, is to design and build the best equipment in the world for Power Factor Correction, which increases the efficiency of power supply, while reducing energy consumption and delivering cost savings on electricity. 

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Elmeko GmbH

ELMEKO stands for quality, flexibility, and partnership with customers. In our factory in Liebenscheid, Germany, we develop innovative products for cooling, heating, and illuminating switchgear cabinets. We stay on course for growth with innovative ideas and state-of-the-art products. Our top priorities are product quality, fast and punctual delivery, and being a reliable partner. In conjunction with competitive prices, this is the basis of our long-term customer ties and sustainable success.

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Fantini Cosmi SpA

Innovation, performance, and simplicity. Our futureTwo central themes: performance and simplicity. They may seem conflicting elements, but the combination of the multiple features and performance of a product - including the energy aspect - and the ease of installation and use, supported by their common denominator, innovation, is the key to satisfy the whole chain of value, from industries to installers and end-users

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In the field of industrial sensors, we have been known for high-quality sensor products and competent support for over 25 years. beta SENSORIK is a company that develops, manufactures and markets technologically high-quality sensor products for industry. The company specializes in particular in the field of miniature photo sensor technology. In addition to the world's smallest light guide without light guides, beta SENSORIK offers extensive standard sensors for automation.

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Karl Klein Ventilatorenbau GmbH

The company’s history dates back to 1950, when Karl Klein founded a metal pressing business. The parts produced included parts for fans, and one day Karl Klein had a thought: There must be a way of making these parts better – lighter, more flexible, and more versatile. In 1963 Karl Klein produced his first steel-plate fan housing. Constructors of machines and plants welcomed the new lightweight structure and Karl Klein’s fans gave rise to a previously unknown variety of shapes and targeted solutions.

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Genebre started its activity in 1981 in the market for fluid control valves, and later continued with the internationalization of subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and America. The company has maintained continuous growth over the years to become one of the world leaders in its sector.We control all of the creation processes, responding to the specific needs of each market, from the inicial concept and design of the product to the production and commercialization.

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MÄDLER®, founded 1882, is one of theleading producer and supplier of powertransmission elements and standard parts. In the MÄDLER® group, there are inGermany two plants and three salesbranches. The group is doing businessworld wide.

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Bailey & Mackey Ltd

Bailey & Mackey Ltd is used to handling pressure: in fact, it is its business. Founded in 1946 and based in Hamstead on the fringe of West Bromwich in the Black Country we make instruments for monitoring and controlling pressure.

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Goudsmit Magnets

For more than half a century, we have been designing and building high-tech magnet components and industrial magnet systems. We supply these systems worldwide to the automotive, food, recycling, metal, pharmaceutical, offshore, chemical and aerospace industry.

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Radio Energie Tachogenerator

Radio-energie anolog tacho generator. It was founded in 1928 to produce power supply electrical generators and converters for telephone and radio receivers and transmitters. Therefore, by registering its name as radio-energie in 1949, it started production of anolog tacho generator. RADIO-ENERGIE, one of the world's leading and pioneering companies in the field of tacho generator, is one of the decisive companies in the field of tacho generator.

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Wherever our products are used, it usually involves combining efficiency with state-of-the-art technology – for networked systems in medicine as well as in the food industry or in the mechanical engineering sector.Consequentially as a manufacturer, we place an obligation on ourselves to supply first class products. Störk-Tronic guarantees this with the use of the best components and an absolutely incomparable quality control system.

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Haag + Zeissler

Our success story began in 1979 as a simple commercial business for rotary joints. Over the years the business developed into one of the best known and most innovative manufacturers of rotary joints and swivel joints.Quality, safety, experience, professionalism and customer satisfaction.These are the characteristics by which our customers have judged us every day for over 40 years.