Maedler 68714000

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Edge trim PVC/EPDM application range 1.0 - 4.0 mm total height 21mm total width 10.4mm
Material: PVC/EPDM, black.

Combination of edge trim and sealing made from EPDM-foam rubber.

Double function:
1. Easy covering of construction-conditioned sharp edges.
2. The sealing effect.The foam rubber hollow section is highly flexible and can seal doors and lids.

Mounting: The substructure of the edge trim contains a metal construction. This means they have a strong hold even if there are radii or bent parts.
Edge trims are mounted on the edges to be covered by hand or with a plastic mallet. Glues or special mounting parts are not required.
Minimum Bending Radii: Please see measures a - d in drawing and table.

Article ID: 68714000

Clamping Range [mm] 1,0 - 4,0
Colour schwarz
Max. Length [m] 100
a [mm] 70
b [mm] 80
c [mm] 15
d [mm] 15
Weight [g/m] 175

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