Riegler 700/6

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Glycerine pressure gauge with metal housing, Connection radial bottom, G 1/4, Goods class 1.6, Measurement range -1/+15 bar, Ø 63
Glycerine-filled bourdon-tube pressure gauge.

For measurements in areas with high, dynamic pressure loads and vibration levels.
Suitable for gaseous or liquid media which do not corrode copper alloy,
do not have high viscosity and do not crystallise.

Accuracy class : 0
Connection : G 1/4
Connection position : radial on bottom
Crimped bezel : CrNi steel
Diameter [mm] : 63
Front glass : Plexiglass
Housing : Hot-pressed brass
Lower / Upper range limit : Vacuum/Positive pressure
Max. ambient temperature [°C] : 60
Max. medium temperature [°C] : 60
Measuring element : Copper alloy
Measuring range max. bar : 15
Measuring range min. bar : -1.0
Min. ambient temperature [°C] : -20
Movement : Copper alloy
Page No. : HK209
Scale graduation in the bar area [bar] : 0
Type : 213.40

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