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Rubber-metal buffer MGP diameter 20mm height 20mm thread M6x18
Material: Metal parts: Steel, zinc-plated. Elastomer: Natural
rubber, 55° Shore hardness.

Rubber-Metal buffers are simple, reasonably priced standard components
used for elastic mounting. When shearing load occurs their load-bearing
capacity is considerably lower than with pressure load. This has to be
considered when horizontal mass forces or belt traction occur. The grade
of rubber used has perfect physical properties. Temperature resistant up
to 80°C. For a linear resilience characteristic the Spring Load C means,
for any operating point, the constant relation of load F [N] to jounce
travel f [mm]. C = F/f [N/mm]. In the technical data, these constants
are stated as CD for pure pressure load and as CS for pure shear load. *
F perm. is the permissible static permanent load, which may be overlaid
by a dynamic, alternating load. With shearing load please take care that
no tension load in the rubber occurs at all during mounting. To achieve
a sufficient fatigue strength provide some compressive prestressing. The
stated permissible loads are only approximate, guideline values for the
static load for "medium" rubber hardness. With particularly high,
dynamic, alternating loads or high frequencies, the load figures have to
be accordingly reduced.

Article ID: 68530420

D [mm] 20
H [mm] 20
G [mm] M6
I [mm] 18
Spring Rate CD average [N/mm] 100
Admissible Compressive Load F zul.* [N] 170
Shear Spring Rate CS average [N/mm] 20
Admissible Propulsive Load F zul.* [N] 60
Weight [g] 19

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