Maedler 65400901

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Grub screw DIN 6332 with thrust point type SK with internal hexagon thread M8 length 40mm steel strength 5.8 black oxide finished
Material: Steel quality 5.8, turned, thrust point hardened, burnished. Type SK: With internal hexagon. Assembly: Turn thrust screw into thrust pad. The thrust pad has to be held thus that the spring retainer lies in the recess with its open side at the bottom. Now tilt the grub screw as far as possible towards the open side of the ring and press it in. To be combined with the thrust pads DIN 6311 on the same catalog page (product no. 65410600-65414000).
Article ID: 65400901

d1 [mm]: M 8
l1 [mm]: 40
d2h11 [mm]: 6
d3 [mm]: 5,4
Z2 [mm]: 7,5
Z3 [mm]: 3
Weight [g]: 11,8

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