Riegler 7

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Intermediate plate for valve terminal HDM with separated air intake (for multi-pressure systems, 2+4 are separately pressurised)
These compact valve terminals, with a maximum flow rate of 800 Nl/min, can be individually adapted to the specific conditions of each application thanks tot he wide range of functions and various input and intermediate plates.

Since each valve terminal is a customer-specific combination of a series of individual elements, the catalogue only lists the available input, intermediate and end plates as well as the different valve discs and the 25-pin multi-pole connectors.

Suitable for filtered, unlubricated or lubricated compressed air. If lubrication is used, it must be continuous.

Monostable (non-latching) version of manual control also available on request.

The operating pressure is based on the installed input plates.

Function : With separate pilots (2+4 are separately pressurised)
Manual control : latching
Max. temperature range [°C] : 60
Min. temperature range [°C] : -10
Page No. : HK484
Piloting : Max. 16 (e.g. 16 spring return valves)
Power input : 0.6 W per pilot
Protection IP : IP 65

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