Maedler 68699860

Ball head precision levelling adjuster MN 686.8 50-26.0 stainless steel
Material: X10CrNiS18.9, Nr. 1.4305. For non-parall surfaces up to 4° slope. Larger overall height with more adjustment travel. Without lock nut. *the static net load Fadd can be calculated after subtracting the pre-load (stainless steel bolt strenght 6.8) from the total load Ftot. Other sizes on request.

Article ID: 68699860

Type: MN 686.8 50-26,0
Approp. Bolt: M24
h [mm]: 83
h1 [mm]: 123
Δh [mm]: 40
Dm [mm]: 70
dg: M50x1,5
dD [mm]: 26,0
α ca.: 4°
Ftotal* [kN]: 225
Faddit.* [kN]: 97
Weight [g]: 1742

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