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Rubber-metal MGA diameter 70mm height 45mm thread M 10x28
Material: Metal parts: Steel, zinc-plated. Elastomer: Natural
rubber, Rubber hardness Shore A medium: about 55°.

* Fperm. is the permissible static permanent load, which may
be overlaid by a dynamic, alternating load. With shearing load please
take care that no tension load in the rubber occurs at all during
mounting. To achieve a sufficient fatigue strength provide some
compressive pre-stressing. The stated permissible loads are only
approximate, guideline values for the static load for "medium" rubber
hardness. With particularly high, dynamic, alternating loads or high
frequencies, the load figures have to be reduced accordingly.
Temperature resistant up to 80°C.

Article ID: 68561370

D [mm] 70
H [mm] 45
G [mm] M10
I [mm] 28
t [mm] 10
Spring Rate CD average [N/mm] 450
Admissible Compressive Load F zul.* [N] 1800
Shear Spring Rate CS average [N/mm] 72
Admissible Propulsive Load F zul.* [N] 700
Weight [g] 348

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