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Metal-rubber vibration damper MBM bore B1 = 4.3mm colour code white
Material: Elastomer: Neoprene (Chloroprene-rubber). Metal parts: Steel, zinc plated.The MBM low-frequency vibration dampers are used to isolate small devices, electronic components and control units.These dampers are mainly used in vertical compressive stresses under load. They efficiently protect against damaging vibrations and shocks.Good vibration and shock absorption.Low natural frequency 8 - 16 Hz.Small, light design.Temperature range -30°C to +80°C.1) Static load by the weight of the object. The resulting deflection ensures a large enough negative suspension travel.    A compliant load enables a high efficient damping of vibrations and shocks at long service life.2) The colour code (a small spot of colour) is for the identification of the load range. The rubber body is always black.

Article ID: 68550644

Bohrung B1 [mm]: 4,3
Bohrung B2 [mm]: 4
Min. Belastung1) [N]: 32,3
Einfederung bei Min. Belastung1) [mm]: 1,35
Eigenfrequenz bei Min. Belastung1) [Hz]: 16
Max. Belastung1) [N]: 80,4
Einfederung bei Max. Belastung1) [mm]: 2,7
Eigenfrequenz bei Max. Belastung1) [Hz]: 8
Farb- Markierung2): weiss
Gewicht [g]: 7,0

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