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Lubricator SF10 Food Grade Grease
Material: Housing made from steel sheet. The code for the lubricant contained is stamped into the bottom of the housing (e.g. SF 01 = all-purpose grease). The activator screw has to be ordered seperately. Function: Tightening the activating screw makes the gas generator drop into the electrolyte fluid, where it starts a chemical reaction that builds up pressure and causes the piston to move forward. The lubricant is continuously injected into the lubrication point. When the lubrication cartridge is empty, the coloured piston becomes clearly visible. The initial delay between activation and the first discharge of lubricant depends on the perma® type. Lubricant volume 120 cm3.
Article ID: 68050010

Typ: SF10
Schmierstoff: Lebensmittelfett
DIN [51 502]: K1K-40
NLGI [Klasse]: 1
Verdicker: Al-Kom.
Basis: PAO
Temperaturbereich [°C]: -20° / +220°C
Viskosität [bei 40°C]: 150
Gewicht [g]: 265

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